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Open Coordinator Positions

  • Soccer Coordinator

    • After multiple years of service Eric is looking for a replacement as Soccer Coordinator.

      • Duties include team creation with assistance of Registration Coordinator​

      • Attending CYC St. Charles - Soccer meetings

      • Attend monthly SCBAA Meetings


  • Concession Stand Coordinator

    • After multiple successful years of service Ivonne is looking for a replacement as Concession Stand Coordinator

      • Preparing the concession stand before all home Volleyball and Basketball games.​

      • Purchasing items for concession stand

      • Attend monthly SCBAA Meetings


  • Little Bobcats Coordinator​ Assistant(with plans of taking over)

    • After multiple successful years of growing the interest in the game of basketball for SCB youth​ (Pre-k to 2nd) Gregg is looking for someone to assist with taking over the Lil' Bobcats program.

      • Coordinate and setup stations for kids to grow in the game of basketball​

      • Work with Basketball Coordinator to schedule gym time for the program

      • Attend Monthly SCBAA Meetings

Please check back regularly for more information on open positions.

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