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This league is designed to teach the kids the great game of golf in a very safe, Christian, non-competitive, cost-effective environment. The rankings and standings are secondary to that.

Our program has many beginners as well as intermediate and more advanced golfers. Fees include professional instruction, all greens fees, trophies, medals, and Champions Tournament. You only need to supply clubs, tees, and balls.

St. Charles District Golf - Spring 2022

The program is broken down into two leagues –

Big League - 5th-8th graders - 4 clinics run by LPGA / PGA professionals followed by 6 rounds of competitive golf. Teams will be limited to a maximum of 8 players grouped by gender/grade.

Little League - 1st-4th graders and consists of 6 clinics run by LPGA / PGA professionals followed by 2 nine-hole rounds. Teams will be limited to a maximum of 10 players.

Additional details can be found on the CYC St. Charles Golf District Webpage.


Monday, January 3, 2022 - Sunday, February 13, 2022


Program Duration:
Sunday, January 2, 2022 - Thursday, June 30, 2022

Registration Cost:

Little League $120.00

Big League $165.00

Date                                              Big League                                     Little League

January 2                               Open registration                           Open registration

February 13                           Close registration                           Close registration

February 26                            Rosters finalized                            Rosters finalized

March 5                          Week 1 Big League Clinics

March 12                        Week 2 Big League Clinics

March 19                        Week 3 Big League Clinics

March 26                        Week 4 Big League Clinics

April 2                                    Weather make-up

April 9                                    Weather make-up                       Week 1 Little League Clinic

April 16                                                                  EASTER OUT

April 23                         Week 1 Big League matches               Week 2 Little League Clinic

April 30                         Week 2 Big League matches               Week 3 Little League Clinic

May 7                            Week 3 Big League matches                Week 4 Little League Clinic

May 14                          Week 4 Big League matches                Week 5 Little League Clinic

May 21                          Week 5 Big League matches                Week 6 Little League Clinic

May 28                                         Memorial Day - weather make-up weekend

June 4                           Week 6 Big League matches                              Pitch / Putt

June 11         St Charles County Individual District Qualifier                 Pitch / Putt

June 18    St. Louis CYC Team Championships - South Central

June 26    St. Louis CYC Individual Championships - West County

 CYC Golf St. Charles Facebook Group

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please feel free to reach out to Matt Heischmidt @ 636 587 7233 or email:

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